Test Results

If the GP has requested a test for you, then please contact the surgery 2 weeks later to check on the result and to see if any further action is required. This is for all tests (bloods, urine, stool, xrays, ultrasound) requested by the GP.

If the hospital clinician has requested the test, then you should contact the hospital for the result.


Frequently asked questions regarding tests

When will my results come back?

Most routine blood test will take 72hrs. The following Blood tests will take longer:

  • Diabetes blood test (Hba1c) – 1 week
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis blood test – 1 week
  • Coeliac blood test (endomyssial antibody) – 2 weeks
  • Vitamin D blood test – 3 weeks

Other tests will take:

TEST Time for Result
Chest x-ray 10 days
Ultrasound scan 10 days
Helicobacter breath test 1 week
Urine sample 1 week
Sputum sample 1 week
Stool sample 1 week
Skin scraping Up to 3 months
Nail clippings Up to 3 months
Vaginal swab test Up to 2 week
Smear test Up to 2 weeks
24-hour Blood Pressure monitor 1 week
Home Blood pressure 3 days

How can I get my Test Results?

You can get your test results by:

  • Calling the surgery after 12.30pm

Why have I been asked to have a repeat test?

If a doctor asks you to have a repeat test it is usually because:

  • The result was borderline or equivocal – so the doctor wants another sample to monitor the situation or to re-check
  • The result is abnormal – and the doctor is unable to interpret the result without further tests so has asked you to come in for more test.

Please do not worry if the doctor has asked you for a repeat test, if there is a serious problem then the Doctor will speak or request to see you directly.